The Nickel Company is committed to our environment.
Whether your interests are of global environmental concerns or
for the indoor air quality in your home, we will be able to guide
your project to the degree you direct.
The Nickel Company has been involved is several "green"
projects and the recent "Kittrell" project was featured on the
syndicated "Greenovate" television series. We are happy to help
our clients make greener more sustainable choices in building
materials and finish products. We maintain clean worksites that
include the proper handling and disposal of construction
materials. We also make every effort to recycle jobsite materials
whenever possible. We protect our neighborhoods as well those who live in them.
For clients who are interested in incorporating Green sustainable technology in their home, we can offer LEED consulting guidance. Our typical project can or will include:
Utilizing recyclable and sustainable building materials
Low-E2 Dual pane window with UV protection
Use of products from a certified sustainable wood source program
Lighting, Heating and Air Conditioning and water heating
products designed to use less energy
Sustainable Solar energy
Water saving devices for indoor plumbing and "Smart
Landscape irrigation" products
Energy Star Appliances for energy savings.
Please call us for further information on Green practices and products